Content Marketing
Pre-conference Promotional
Online Video
and YouTube Channel
Seeding the Web with Social Media & PR
4,600 clicks
22,000 impressions
Positioning in premier thought leadership context

Produced by Ruth Ann Barrett with production and motion graphics by Dean and Mary Warner of  Sanctuary Video.

Press Releases (2) this one promoting conference Live Video Stream, blog posts, hundreds of tweets on @earthsayer and clilent's @seedabq, and Facebook postings for both and client pages.

3BL Media
Press Releases and blog posts distributed through the 3BL Media network as part of affiliate agreement with special collections are organized around events such as Ethical Sourcing; visionaries such as Ray Anderson; and subject experts, e.g. Bill McKibben on climate change.

The site positions individuals in a relevant and high quality context. EarthSayers provides a rich landing page environment, the only one highlighting the voices of sustainability in one highly searchable place.

"Drive relevancy with context not content. Context trumps content as relevancy required to break channel fatigue.  Relevancy will improves engagement metrics."

Constellation Research, Seven Priorities In The Shift From CMO to Chief Digital Officer.
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